Lakewood engineered oak flooring is an easy-care, wear-resistant floor with a long lifespan and a hygienic hard surface. To prolong the life of the floor. To retain their original durability and beautiful appearance, Lakewood floors should be maintained regularly.


Preferable temperature should be approximately 17-23℃ with a relative humidity of 45-60%. Humidity should never be allowed to drop below 30% as this may cause gaping.

Do not use a wet spray micro fiber mop. Use a well rung out damp cloth to clean up any dirt and footprints, but avoid using excessive moisture. All spills should be cleaned up immediately. Never use wax, polish or scouring agents as they may dull or distort the finish. You can use acetone or a cleaner specially formulated for oak floors to remove stubborn marks.

To avoid scratches, apply felt pads to your furniture legs and use only soft rubber casters. Protect high traffic areas with runners and area rugs.